Tuesday, 28 February 2012

louise bourgeois

balance, danger, leg

 crowded, continue, freedom

extra, separate, uncover

Friday, 24 February 2012

One Pillar Pagoda

This building is one pillar pagoda or "Chua Mot Cot", a very famous symbol of old architecture of Viet Nam build in 1049. It's placed in the center of a square lotus lake dam near Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. The king build it to wish for a son at that time, and many young couples nowaday still visit there as a symbol of good birth. The structure of the pagoda is special at that time, which opposite the common standards which the building should based on balance and stable land. The shape represent for a lotus, that's the reason for this one pillar structure.

Paper Drum

I studied some courses of design in school which creative works are usually connect to assignments, but I choose this creative work as the very first and funny work I made out side school. I used to help a club that made toys from recycle materials, and I designed this one. It's easily made, simple, small but can make quite annoying sound. Usually I collected information and models from internet, but the experience when create somethings by yourself is very interesting.

Beautiful lights

This photo is taken when I visited Sydney Aquarium in 2011. From the first time, It looks like a combination of blue and yellow lights, naturally, a bit mysterious.With me it feel like blue and yellow is dancing in a night festival. This is created by the reflex of the fishes in weak light. The interesting is that it can't be seen in normal eyes, but only can be caught by cameras with long exposure and small aperture ( less light). I realised beautiful in life is not only in my eyes, it can be hidden anywhere, under any normal things and still waiting to be discovered.