Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Combine 2 ideas

Reflection as a way to create infinite space and ambiguous boundaries and alters spatial awareness + Emulation of the exterior by controlled light.
 I choose this combination to develop furthermore to the final monument.

Compair 2 ideas:
When Kuma's one is the reflection, the form is quite heavy from 5 basic blocks. The space between each one is quite close, create a strong, stable feeling, a privacy, an idea of "going inside" from this structure.
In the opposite way, model from Alvar's idea is the control of light, which is thin, light, have more open spaces but not too empty. This one exposed a relax way, and more interactive with the landscape. These 2 design is opposite each other, but one has what other lack of, it can full fill, complement each other.

 Electroliquid Aggregation:  
The idea is to combine 2 opposite idea, one is the heaviness, stable, the inside with the other is lightness, open, the outside. And when the two complement each other, create a combination space within.

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